About Vein Global

The International Vein Congress (IVC) is an annual 3-day event dedicated to educating professionals in the management of venous disease. While 3-full days seems like plenty of time, it is no longer enough to do the venous field justice and keep pace with the ever-changing practice of treating vein disease.

Hence, the creation of VeinGlobal, an online portal to keep venous education at the forefront all year long. This site was created as a means to keep you, the venous practitioner, engaged in furthering your education on the aspects of innovative venous interventions.

The Endovenous Revolution

IVC has always combined science with a pragmatic approach to running a practice. Now we have witnessed the Endovenous Revolution enter the deep system, and IVC and VeinGlobal are about staying on this cutting edge.

The mission of VeinGlobal is to be the preeminent source for the latest advances in treating venous disease. It provides up-to-the minute content on innovations and exploration in venous interventions through articles, pearls, clinical videos, case studies, slides, and more on topic areas such as anatomy and pathophysiology, imaging, deep venous disease, and superficial venous disease. Content will also be updated regularly with innovative case videos and other educational content.

VeinGlobal is an extension of the IVC

Our team has worked hard to maintain IVC as an outstanding venous meeting. The IVC meeting agenda has followed the evolution of the venous practices over the past 19 years. The fact that more than 50% of each year's attendees have been to at least one previous IVC conference speaks volumes - many have attended 6, 7, or 8 of the previous 19 years. We must be doing something right. We think we have come up with a nice strategy to keep IVC relevant all year long.

Commitment and Vision

"A successful journey requires commitment and vision," says Jose Almeida, MD. "One must use judgment to continually correct the "course" until one is headed in the right direction. It is very important that one enjoy what they are doing, that they enjoy the journey. Otherwise, when things get difficult, people will bail on their commitments."

The Ultimate Resource for Venous Practice

VeinGlobal is a resource dedicated to those that are committed to staying connected with not only current but future trends in venous practice and patient care. Currently, on VeinGlobal there is voluminous information presented via slideshow presentations, case video, expert discussion and interviews with the Who's Who of venous disease.

VeinGlobal is a journey - a long road of development requiring constant examination and improvement. Someone once said that boldness has genius, power, and magic. VeinGlobal is bold - it spans organizational boundaries, it links together people with information flow, it offers assets of value to venous physicians and allied health care personnel worldwide.

As the old adage goes, If you want year old news, read a journal; if you want up-to-date information, go to the bar with a luminary in your field. Visiting VeinGlobal is like spending time with the luminaries!